Important notes when processing the bird nest

Bird nest soup is a precious medicine and is also a nutritious food that many people believe in when they need health, especially for people who have just got sick and mother just gave birth. However, if you cook the oatmeal the wrong way, you will waste a large amount for this expensive dish that nutrition does not receive much. Below are the things to avoid when cooking the nest for your reference.

1. The water in the bowl must be filled with all the bird nest wanted to be distilled

When processing the nest of sugar candy, you have to put the water in the bowl of all the bird nest wanted to distill. This will ensure that there is enough water for the hatching, if less water will reduce the hatching of the nest. Depending on the taste of each person, you can reduce the water to create solid or liquid dishes as desired, but it is best to flood the water compared to the amount of bird nest.

2. The water level inside the bowl does not exceed the height of the bowl

Water levels inside the bowl, including: bird’s nest, water, and other ingredients, should not exceed 70 to 80% of the height of the bowl. The inside of the nest will slowly expand as the temperature rises, the water in the pond will rise, so the water level is quite important if exceeded, the amount of bird nest easily out when exposed by heat.

Important notes when processing the bird nest 1

3. Cook with medium heat and keep the temperature inside the bowl about 70 – 80oC

You should pay attention when the sugar candy nest, it will lose its use if cooked nest at high temperature or directly on fire. Nutrients in the nest will also be lost when the temperature is too high. You should remember to flush the fire or when nesting and ensure temperature fluctuations in the 70-80oC.

4. Distillation in 20 – 30 minutes to ensure quality

If you want to enjoy the nest of sugar candy with rich flavor, yarn is long, crispy, you can cook for 20-30 minutes and next, you leave in the pot for 20 minutes. have the effect of temperature. In addition, you can take longer time for children or older users to get melted oat easily absorbed.

5. It is possible to replace the cooker with a suitable electric cooker

You can use the kettle to cook if you do not have time to cook by the fire and do not forget to adjust the temperature to the appropriate level.

6. Use ginger to increase the effect and ease of use

You should add a slice of ginger into the nest of sugar alum because ginger will neutralize the welding of the nest, help the person feel comfortable, warm belly. At the same time, ginger also stimulates the taste and increases the aroma for the dish.

7. Do not use microwave oven to warm the bird nest

You can warm the edible birds nest when eating, depending on your wishes. However, you absolutely do not use the microwave oven, because high temperature will destroy nutrients in the nest and lose its effect.

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